Boycott Israeli Products Stickers

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Promote awareness and protest against Israeli products with our impactful stickers. Highlight the funding of genocide and apartheid in Palestine by sticking these on products.

Stickers are 6cm circle with a gloss coating. Available in multiple quantities.



Boycott Israeli Products Stickers – Protest Against Genocide and Apartheid in Palestine

Our Boycott Israeli Products Stickers are a powerful tool for raising awareness and supporting the Palestinian cause. Designed to highlight the funding of genocide and apartheid against innocent civilians in Palestine, these stickers are perfect for use in protests and everyday activism. By sticking them on products, you can inform others about the importance of boycotting Israeli goods and contribute to a broader movement for justice and equality.

Each sticker features bold, clear messaging to effectively convey the call for a boycott. Available in a unique design and 6cm size, they are suitable for different types of products and surfaces. The durable material ensures longevity and visibility, making them ideal for long-term use.

These stickers not only serve as a reminder of the ongoing struggles in Palestine but also empower individuals to take a stand against injustice. Whether used in public demonstrations or personal activism, they are a simple yet effective way to spread the message and garner support for the Palestinian cause.

Join the movement and make a statement with our Boycott Israeli Products Stickers. Together, we can amplify the call for justice and support the fight against oppression.


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